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Station Interval Xperience

SIX ® Fitness Formula

Our heart-rate based interval workouts are scientifically designed to deliver maximum fat burning result in the shortest amount of time by generating an afterburn effect which increases your metabolic rate for up to 37 hours after your workout.

Our comprehensive training programming allows for simultaneous improvements in strength, metabolic function, and cardiovascular endurance while achieving effective fat-loss and also allowing for active recovery.

Class Xperiences



Prepare to reach your highest heart rate zones, and aim to reach lactic threshold through a powerful strength focused workout.



Prepare to utilize compound movements and engage both the upper and lower body to elicit maximal fat-burn in this anaerobic workout.

Active Recovery


Prepare to sustain movements for longer periods of time to build your anaerobic threshold and a strong fitness foundation. Get endorphins and burn fat throughout the day without over-training.