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3 Reasons Why Having a Gym Buddy Can Enhance Your Workout

By October 27, 2020Blog, SIX Workout

COVID-19 was a big curveball for us this year, but if there’s one thing we learned from this experience, it’s the strength of our community. Now that we’re back, we won’t take that for granted!

When working out, a group setting keeps you focused and can be even more effective if you bring a friend along. As long as you have someone with you to keep you moving, you may discover that your workouts feel more fulfilling! While our classes will remain socially distanced, we encourage you to bring your best friends to help grow this incredible community.

Learn a few reasons why having a gym buddy enhances your workout.

Stay Motivated 

Having a friend workout with you helps you stay motivated while you push past your limits. When you are surrounded by companions, you will want to work harder which could produce better results, according to the CDC. Just be careful not to push yourself too far and remember that your goals are what matter most. A little friendly competition never hurts, and you may be able to help each other improve during every workout. We call that a win-win!

Remain Accountable 

Having a gym buddy can help you stay on track with your workouts and keep you consistent. Accountability is critical if you want to see results from your fitness efforts. If you feel that you’re hitting a slump, having a friend there can help motivate you again! It may sound negative, but a little guilt can be effective in getting you out the door and into the gym. Don’t let your buddy down, and they won’t let you down!

Have Tons of Fun

The best part about having your friend with you is all of the excitement you get to share together! Workouts become less of a task and easier to accomplish when you’re with a friend. Taking a moment to chat or laugh can be invigorating and brings positive energy to your routine. Positivity is key in keeping exercise fun and will boost your energy for a more fulfilling workout.

Bring A Friend and Save!

Celebrate success with a friend! SIX is full of positive, fitness-oriented individuals who want to meet their goals. Why not help a friend achieve their goals by bringing them in to join the fun and grow our awesome community?!

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