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5 Scary Good Benefits of Eating Pumpkin

pumpkin served on a plate next to a fork with garnishes and pumpkin seeds nearbyOctober is a month full of treats and decorations centered around one of the most popular gourds of the season: pumpkin. Interestingly, pumpkins are often mistaken as a vegetable, but they are actually considered a fruit because they produce seeds. In turn, as charming as they are for decorations like jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins also have incredible nutritional benefits!

Below we list the benefits that eating pumpkin can bring to your diet. 

1. Produces High Vitamin A

Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, and just one cup of pumpkin contains 245% of your daily vitamin intake. Pumpkin has beta-carotene which our bodies convert into Vitamin A and is needed for good eye health and vision. If you take supplements to maintain your daily intake of this vitamin, consider incorporating nutrient-rich pumpkin into your diet instead. 

2. Helps Boost Immunity

The power of Vitamin A can boost your immune system and help you fight the risk of infection. A lack of this vitamin may contribute to a weaker immune system. Additionally, this powerful fruit contains Vitamin C which assists with quicker healing and Vitamin E which aids on a cellular level by protecting your cells.

3. Contains Antioxidant Properties

Another great benefit of pumpkin is its antioxidant properties. Pumpkins contain beta-carotene which is a carotenoid as well as an antioxidant. Eating foods that contain antioxidants can reduce the risk of disease and chronic illnesses by neutralizing free radicals roaming throughout your body. Antioxidants also help slow the aging process!

4. Has Low Calorie Count

The best part about eating pumpkins is that they are a nutrient-dense food AND low in calories! One cup of pumpkin is approximately 50 calories. Best of all, this fruit is rich in fiber and can assist with weight loss since it is made of mostly water. Try substituting potatoes and rice with pumpkin for your next meal to switch up your diet.

5. Promotes Healthy Skin

Pumpkins can help your body stay healthy inside and out. Foods rich in the beta carotene nutrient support your organs and skin by protecting cells against damage. It is also known to be a natural sunblock and protects your skin cells from UV rays. The Vitamin C found within pumpkins assists in creating collagen which keeps your skin strong and healthy. Not only are they delicious, they naturally help your body stay healthy.

Will you incorporate pumpkin in your meals this season? Share this blog with your friends and family, and let them know the nutritional benefits of pumpkin!


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