three women posing in front of a table of halloween decorations at a fitness center

SIX’s Scary Good Giveaway Contest

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It’s the season for tricks and treats, and we are in the spirit to give away special treats to 5 lucky people at the end of this spellbinding month. Halloween…
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5 Scary Good Reasons to Join SIX

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If you’re looking for a new gym to join, look no further! You’ve found a home at SIX Epic Human Xperience! We love our members and the community we’ve built…
pumpkin served on a plate next to a fork with garnishes and pumpkin seeds nearby

5 Scary Good Benefits of Eating Pumpkin

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October is a month full of treats and decorations centered around one of the most popular gourds of the season: pumpkin. Interestingly, pumpkins are often mistaken as a vegetable, but…
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Tips for Exercising in Cooler Temperatures

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Even though we’re still feeling warm weather in Southern California, cooler days will be here before you know it. Although the temperature may change, it doesn’t mean that you should…

SIX Strong Challenge Recap & Winners

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The challenge may be over, but we’re reveling in the fun and excitement that it brought us! The SIX Strong Challenge was a pick-me-up during our outdoor workout sessions. We…
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SIX’s 2 Year Anniversary & Reopening Protocols

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When SIX first opened, we boasted our unique workouts as an integrative wellness experience. Our state-of-the-art, 3,800 square foot fitness studio fuses all health aspects – physical, mental, and emotional…

Crush Your Cravings with A New Challenge

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Before summer ends and the festive season begins, you may want to squeeze in all that you can while the weather is still warm. Now is your chance to get…

How to Alleviate the Side Effects of Working Out

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Are you worried about your body during or after your workouts because of a headache or sore muscles? You may be experiencing a side effect of working out. But don’t…

Meet the SIX Staff: Susan and Haley

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SIX Epic Human Xperience is more than just another gym in Irvine. It’s a place where fitness-oriented individuals have come together to form an encouraging community. We love getting fit…

5 Tips for Exercising Outdoors in the Summer Heat

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With summer in full swing, it’s important to keep to your fitness routine while staying safe in the summer heat. With higher temperatures and humidity, you may feel that exercising…