How to Fire Up Your Metabolism

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First of all, what is metabolism? Why is it important? Metabolism is a chemical process where your body captures, converts, and burns energy from the food and drinks you consume.…
woman practicing mindfulness indoors inside of her home

How to Practice Mindfulness at Home

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The “new normal” has been a massive adjustment that changed virtually everything we know. It’s not as simple as flipping a switch, and you may find yourself feeling anxious or…

Why Stretching After Your Workout Matters

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How often do you stretch after you exercise? Whether it’s a little or a lot, stretching after workouts is a highly recommended practice and is often overlooked as part of…
woman holding meditation pose outdoors in the sunset

Why Meditation and Nutrition Go Hand In Hand

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Are you looking for ways to create more balance in your mind and body? We believe that meditation and nutrition are a good place to begin. By incorporating these elements…

SIX Tips for Healthy Snacking

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Have you been snacking more often than before? It’s always a struggle to stay on the right track with healthy eating habits, but it’s never too late to turn it…
Fitness woman in a meditation pose

Reconnecting with Wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit

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With the global pandemic shutting everyone indoors and temporarily closing businesses, like our beloved SIX studio, we have fewer activities to keep us in a balanced state of wellness than…
Healthy Diet

8 Foods That Help Fight Belly Fat

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In the battle of the bulge, belly fat is a tough opponent. It can affect anyone, irrespective of age and genetics. If you feel like you're making enough efforts to…

Is It Better to Workout or Take Rest When You’re Sick?

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A healthy diet and regular workout is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy. Regular exercise reduces the risk of various chronic diseases like heart diseases and diabetes, keeps your…
Feeling Dizzy

Feeling Dizzy Post-Workout? X Possible Causes

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Feeling dizzy after a sweat sesh? It may sound familiar to you. Post-workout dizziness usually isn’t a sign of anything serious. Oftentimes, it results from improper breathing or dehydration. If…

Benefits of Pilates That Will Encourage You to Sign-Up For a Class

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What do Gisele Bündchen, Khloe Kardashian, and Lady Gaga have in common? They all swear to do Pilates to stay in shape. If you also want to keep in shape…