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Crush Your Cravings with A New Challenge

By September 9, 2020September 15th, 2020Blog, Nutrition, SIX Workout

Before summer ends and the festive season begins, you may want to squeeze in all that you can while the weather is still warm. Now is your chance to get fit and curb your appetite with our newest challenge: “Crush Your Cravings”.

For this challenge, we wanted to focus on keeping your nutrition at its best by helping you cut out the monster cravings you may get around this time of year. Summertime may almost be over, but your fitness is a never-ending journey!

Learn what the Crush Your Cravings Challenge is about and how you can opt-in:


Crush Your Cravings Details

The Crush Your Craving Challenge is 100% focused on helping you FINALLY overcome your cravings. Relying on sheer grit and discipline to get you through a craving isn’t fun. In fact, it can even set you up for failure. 

Instead, what if you address the ROOT CAUSE of your cravings to help prevent, manage, and CRUSH them? You can.  

In this challenge SIX Nutritionist Rachel is going to teach you exactly how to:

  • Uncover your triggers for cravings
  • Learn the foods that can keep you feeling full and satisfied
  • Develop new mindset habits to help when you’re feeling stressed or tired
  • Prepare for cravings before they strike

The challenge begins September 14th and will continue until Oct 11th.


We’re All in This Together

Participants who sign up for the challenge will be able to download Rachel’s helpful and FREE guidebook with great tips to crush your cravings – but that’s not all! Raffle tickets will be given each time someone attends a class class. At the end of the challenge, we will pull raffle tickets for prizes!

Participant names and their biggest cravings will be featured on our SIX leaderboard display so you know who is there with you. We’re all in this together! Community is what keeps us on track with our fitness and nutrition, so any time you need help – you know who’s got your back.


How Do I Get Started?

We’re so excited to get everyone in on this healthy habit challenge! This one will be a little different from the last one, as this is a paid challenge. For only $9.99, you will get expert nutritional advice for 4 weeks, stay on track with your fitness goals, and have the chance to kick unhealthy eating habits!

You can sign up by visiting the SIX studio in-person or by signing up through the link below. 

→ Sign up and download Rachel’s free guide here.

Not only will you feel more in control of your cravings, but you’ll have extra energy and … drumroll … EVEN BETTER RESULTS!

This challenge starts Monday, September 14th! 


If you’re interested in our safety procedures, visit our blog about reopening and safety protocols to learn how we are keeping you safe and what you can do to contribute. 

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