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How to Alleviate the Side Effects of Working Out

By September 1, 2020Blog, Health and Wellness

Are you worried about your body during or after your workouts because of a headache or sore muscles? You may be experiencing a side effect of working out. But don’t worry! These natural aches and pains can be alleviated and knowing about them may help you recover a little faster.

Since we started our outdoor workouts, we’ve had to adapt to the environment and learn how far we can push ourselves to the limit without overdoing it. Now that we’ve mastered that, let’s gain control over any side effects we may experience in class. 

Here are a few workout side effects and how you can alleviate them:

Sore Muscles

Being sore post-workout is one of the most common side effects of working out. It is caused by your muscles adapting to new movements than they may not be used to. New exercises can make you feel sore for a few days, but your muscles will adapt over time. If your routine changes every day, you may experience soreness more often because of new exercises.

Answer: Stretch before and after workouts to reduce or alleviate soreness.

Upset Stomach

Have you the sudden urge to use the bathroom during workouts? It’s all completely normal. Exercise helps us stay regular naturally, so if you feel that you need a restroom break after an intense workout, you are not alone. You may also upset your stomach by eating pre-workout meals and beverages. Depending on what you eat and how much, you may feel groggy or maybe even nauseous.

Answer: Avoid eating large meals pre-workout or consuming foods or beverages that irritate your stomach. Take a sip of water and or a break until you feel better.

Chafed Skin

Everyone’s bodies are different, but chafing can be an issue for almost anyone who exercises. It generally occurs in areas of the body that experience skin-to-skin contact or friction from clothes. Chafing most commonly happens between the thighs. Frequent rubbing of the skin during exercise can be painful because the skin is irritated and may cause rashes.

Answer: Wear longer shorts or pants to alleviate friction, or invest in products that help reduce friction.

Lightheaded Feeling

You may feel dizzy during or after your workout. If so, it may be your body’s cue to take a break. Workouts can be draining, and feeling dizzy is a sign that your body is trying to get back to its regular state. Dizziness is generally not a cause for alarm, but it’s always good to know the warning signs for medical attention. To learn more, read our past blog about the possible causes of dizziness.

Answer: To alleviate dizziness, immediately take a rest and drink water until you feel better. You don’t want to overexert your energy in this state.

Safety First

We are dedicated to keeping you safe and active during this time! With our new outdoor workouts, you may find yourself experiencing these side effects or needing tips for exercising in the summer heat. We’ve got you covered! Remember, during classes our team provides water, shade, and all the equipment you need to stay on your fitness journey! 

If you’re interested in our safety procedures, visit our blog about reopening and safety protocols to learn how we are keeping you safe and what you can do to contribute. 


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