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How You Can Boost Your Immune System

We’re well into fall and excited to be in the clear of the hot summer heat! (Woohoo!) The cooler weather has made our daily lives more pleasant and the trips to the gym even easier. But, with cooler temperatures come the sniffles and fevers. That’s right! We’re talking about cold and flu season. 

Even if you feel well-prepared for cold and flu season, we want to offer a few ways you can naturally boost your immune system! Please note that these suggestions will not protect you from COVID-19. To properly prevent and protect yourself from contracting this illness, please follow the official CDC guidelines.

Let’s dive in!

Eat More Whole Foods

When you eat more whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes you can naturally boost your immune system. These foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants which fight against pathogens – AKA harmful bacteria or viruses. Antioxidant-rich foods help your body stabilize by reducing inflammation and protecting your body from free radicals that harm you on a cellular level. Foods containing vitamin C are also effective in fighting off the common cold. Read more about whole foods and their benefits.

Drink Plenty of Water

While drinking water may not directly improve your cold-fighting abilities, it does prevent dehydration. Staying hydrated keeps you from experiencing headaches, indigestion, and helps with heart and organ function. Ensure that you’re staying hydrated by avoiding sugary drinks or drinks with little water if possible. If you need an indicator of how much water you should be drinking, consider checking your urine. If you pee clear, give a cheer!

Add Supplements for a Boost

Supplements are a great way to incorporate more vitamins into your diet. If you can’t get the nutrients you need, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few supplements to help you keep your immune system healthy and strong. Vitamins are not a 100% guarantee to prevent illness, but they help reduce the risk. Here are a few vitamins you may consider adding to your diet: 

Vitamin C – Reduces the duration of a cold
Vitamin D – Improves immune health
Zinc – Reduces the duration of a cold

Exercise More Often

Last but not least, is moderate exercise! A speedy walk outside or even jog around the block can help boost your immunity. Working out regularly helps you reduce inflammation within your body and helps your immune cells regenerate. If you’re ready for an energetic session to boost your immune system, start by signing up for a class at SIX this week! Search class times here.

Please remember that these suggestions about your immune system will not protect you against COVID-19. If you would like to know what we’re doing to keep our members safe, check out our reopening protocols blog.


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