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Meet Rachel: SIX’s Certified Nutrition Coach

Meet our nutrition expert, Rachel! You may have seen her around the SIX Workout gym before we closed for the quarantine, or perhaps on the weekly nutrition chat and Q&A we hold each Wednesday at 5:30 pm on the members’ Facebook group.

As part of the SIX Staff, Rachel is here to help you fuel your body for those intense workouts and help you make wise snacking decisions!

At SIX Epic Human Xperience, we believe that nutrition is an important part of your health and wellness. We believe that having an in-house nutritionist is the perfect addition to the SIX Community as another way that we can support you on your fitness journey!

We wanted to formally introduce Rachel to you. She has provided a letter for SIX Members that says it all!

Hey! I’m Rachel.

I’m a nutritionist, and I believe that every person should have the tools they need to be healthy & happy.

My mission is simple. I am here to guide you to eat better, get active, achieve, and maintain your goals – even when life gets busy.

My Diet Coaching starts right at the very beginning. So whether you’re new to dieting or have tried every diet around, you can do it! I’ve broken down the process of losing weight into small, easy-to-follow steps to guide you through everything you need to do to let go of food confusion, learn what to do and how to do it – with tons of support from me!

So far, I’ve helped hundreds of people from all over the globe get in the best shape of their life with my simple, step-by-step process. I’m also a Certified Nutrition Consultant, ECornell Plant Based Nutritionist, Certified Precision Nutrition 1, raw vegan chef, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, nationally qualified bodybuilding bikini competitor with 9 years of nutrition experience.

Talk soon,

Rachel Schwartz, C.N.C.


Get to Know Rachel

Favorite Quotes:

“The stronger days are what make you stronger.” 

“The moment when you want to quit is the moment when you need to keep pushing.”

What Was Your Guilty Pleasure During Quarantine?

“I’ve really been enjoying cooking new recipes, walking outside with my dogs around my city, and listening to audible books.”

Did You Have Lows and Highs Before Returning to SIX?

“There were many days I felt low and felt depressed and lonely.  With so much uncertainty, I found myself worried and full of fear. I didn’t know when I could see my friends or family. And felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to. I also had high days where I felt motivated and driven in my work and was reassured that things would work out, eventually.”

Best Advice for Pre- and Post-Workouts:

1. Not eating enough or eating too much before exercising.
2. Not warming up or cooling down properly.
3. Not going into the workout with a plan or knowing what they are going to accomplish.


Now that you’ve gotten to know her better, be sure to chat with Rachel the next time you stop in at SIX Epic Human Xperience, or interact with her during our weekly nutrition chats and Q&A! She’ll make sure you get the right coaching to reach your fitness goals! We’re happy to have you on the team, Rachel! Don’t forget to wave hello to her the next time you stop in!

We love spreading positivity, not germs. If you haven’t already, read our blog about reopening and safety protocols to know what you can expect from us and what you can do to contribute. We are so excited to welcome back members into our facility!

SIX Epic Human Xperience, located at 8535 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA, combines short intervals through 6-stations that will give you a full-body workout in 50 minutes! Our self-powered cardio equipment and strength training gear will address all your needs!

Join our members’ page to stay in touch with other members and trainers!

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