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Mindfulness and Exercise: The Perfect Combination

We’ve previously discussed practicing mindfulness and how it benefits our mental health – but how does it tie into fitness? Mindfulness is being aware of yourself in the moment. It can also play a huge part in your fitness journey because you are giving full attention to your workouts. 

By shifting focus onto your fitness, you create a more fulfilling workout that will keep you progressing on your fitness journey. As long as you’re willing to get into the zone, you can take advantage of your workouts and get the results you’re aiming for.

Here are a few ways that combining mindfulness and exercise can help you have a more fulfilling workout:

Have Purpose and Accomplishments

When you make the decision to go to the gym, you’re there to accomplish your fitness goals with each session. Sometimes it may be easy to mindlessly participate during a workout, but we recommend staying focused. When you have a purpose for working out and focus on that goal, you actively work towards accomplishing it. Whether that’s finishing the entire workout at your max capabilities or challenging yourself, you’re in the moment and focusing on the goal at hand.

Take It Easy and Breathe

Ensure you’re fulfilling your goals by taking the time to do your workout correctly. You’re in the zone, so be sure to fix your posture, form, and become attuned to your body. It may not sound like you’re pushing yourself, but doing it right and getting it done are two different accomplishments. If you feel your mind wandering, take a second to breathe and come back into the moment. Focusing on your breathing can also help you relieve stress during exercise.

Cool Down and Stretch

After getting a full workout done, it’s best to cool down your muscles and stretch. Close your eyes, relax your breathing and stretch muscles area by area to relieve the muscles you have engaged. Once done, you can fully relax knowing that you hit all your target areas. Ending on a positive note can make you feel better post-workout and may change your perspective on physical fitness!

As we’ve said, being mindful when exercising can give you a more fulfilling workout. If you’re struggling to make a difference with your workouts, take a moment to become attuned to your body while you are exercising. Give it a shot – you’ll feel the difference the next time you step out of the gym. Now, the question is, will you try to combine mindfulness and exercise during your next workout?


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