Get Fit For Summer

Join the Challenge

May 6th - June 1st

Change your game with SIX in just 28 days! Transform your mind, body, and soul through our ‘Whole Person Approach’. This Challenge is a lifestyle kickstart achieved through fitness planning, nutrition guidance, and health behavior change. It is not a diet. This is an opportunity to break old, unhealthy habits and build a new, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

It’s HERE! Just in time for summer! And, it is YOUR time. No more excuses.

Here’s just some of the support you will receive during the challenge from our Team:

  • Fun and Engaging Group Challenges and Events to be part of the Game Changer Community
  • InBody Scanner Body Composition Analyzer Including Segmental Muscle, Fat & Hydration Levels Analysis
  • Weekly Email Check-in For Accountability & Coach Feedback
  • Nutritional Education & Macronutrient Targets
  • Utilizing Apps: MyFitnessPal & Sleep Cycle
  • Meal Plan Strategizing and Food Lists
What will YOU get out of participating in the challenge?
    • Lose 5-15 lbs in 4 Weeks
    • Reduce Your Body Fat %
    • Improve Your Strength and Muscle Tone
    • Break Unhealthy Habits
    • Build a Clean Eating Lifestyle
    • Improved Fitness with Fitness Challenges and Unlimited HIIT Classes
    • Discounted Rate For Optional Meal Prep Service
    • Unlimited HIIT Sessions With Our Certified Trainers
    • Specialized Private Fitness Classes
    • Special Members Only Perks
    • Winner Gets Their Money Back!
  • Week 1 Theme: Nutrition 101    Sat. May 4th  10am – 11am
    Macronutrient targets  and creating a healthy food environment
  • Week 2 Theme: Sleep and Recovery Stretching  Tues. May 14th 8:30am – 9:00am
    Sleep Cycle App, and Wind-down Stretching Sequences  
  • Week 3 Theme: Movement Quality: May 18th Sat. 10-11am
    Specialty Class on Smart Bar Squats and Deadlifts
  • Week 4 Theme: Heart Rate Monitor Training Wed. May 29th 7:30pm – 8pm
    Interactive Heart Rate Training Workout