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SIX Strong Challenge Recap & Winners

By September 22, 2020Blog, Challenges, SIX Workout

The challenge may be over, but we’re reveling in the fun and excitement that it brought us! The SIX Strong Challenge was a pick-me-up during our outdoor workout sessions. We thank members for participating and crossing off as many boxes as possible on the complimentary SIX Strong Challenge bingo card. 

We want to take a moment to remember the moral and friendly competition that kept us going and announce the winners of the Challenge! 

SIX Strong Recap

This challenge was meant to get our members feeling truly confident and comfortable in their skin. Now more than ever, especially on social media, it is all too easy to feel like you don’t measure up. In turn, we focus on body positivity to help members become the best and truest version of themselves.

The SIX Strong Challenge relied on accountability, attention, and support from our certified in-house nutritionist Rachel, the SIX fitness coaches, and the SIX Community! 

Participants of the challenge were gunning for a full blackout card. Bingo challenges ranged from physical activities, nutrition, or social aspects. To help boost morale, a few of the challenges were incorporated into the classes! Thanks, SIX Coaches!

SIX Strong Winners

We were delighted to see so much participation, and we hope to see more members join in for future challenges because this was a fun one. Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the winners!

Yana B.

Yana is an active member of the SIX Community and was dedicated to getting her bingo card crossed off completely! She kept that goal in mind, and she achieved it! 

Yana is a professional dancer outside of SIX and has a lively personality to match! Having her in our corner makes us proud to be her gym of choice.

If you see Yana at the next station or in the facility, don’t forget to congratulate her and introduce yourself!

Janet O.

Janet is one of SIX’s most prominent members. We’re sure you’ve seen her – she practically lives at SIX, and we adore her!

Outside of SIX, Janet enjoys eating healthy and delicious meals with friends and family. She has a fun spirit and enjoys life to the fullest.

The next time you see Janet at the studio, give her a friendly wave and a congrats!

We Are SIX Strong

We’ve received great feedback from the SIX Strong Challenge – it helped our SIX Community stay fit, focused, and happy. Body positivity is an important part of fitness and helps us maintain a healthy view of ourselves. We are too often our own biggest critics, but with the support of fellow SIX Members, the community, and staff we can say that this challenge was a success. 

The biggest win of all is having members choose us to be part of their fitness journey. Thanks for joining us in this challenge, and we look forward to seeing more great results and participation in the next one!

Join the next challenge now! Sign up for the Crush Your Cravings Challenge!


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