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Why Stretching After Your Workout Matters

fitness goers on the ground stretching together in a gym

How often do you stretch after you exercise?

Whether it’s a little or a lot, stretching after workouts is a highly recommended practice and is often overlooked as part of your post-workout ritual.

At SIX Workout, we believe that stretching is an essential part of your physical wellness. We plan to incorporate more stretching into our sessions, not only to cool down, but to achieve other benefits as well! Ensure you are taking care of your body by committing to this practice.

Here are several reasons why you should apply stretching after workouts!

Prevent Injuries

Stretching after your workout helps prevent injuries to your body. Your muscles are more comfortable performing tasks after a stretch. This is especially important after a rigorous workout, because you may have tired muscles that feel tight and limit your physical activity. Stretch post-workout to avoid cramps and aches that may cause injuries.

Improve Flexibility

You can improve your flexibility just by stretching! It helps contracted muscles release and allows for a better range of motion. With enough practice, your body will eventually become more flexible. You may realize that normal physical tasks are easier on your body, such as bending and squatting, all thanks to post-workout stretching!

Alleviate Muscles

After you’ve completed a workout session, your muscles may ache and feel weak. Help your muscles recover by stretching different areas of your body. Stretching should never hurt you, so adjust your range of motion to a comfortable level and soothe constrained muscles. Post-workout stretching can also improve blood circulation to muscles and may even shorten your recovery period. 

Harmonize Thoughts

Not only does stretching help you physically, but it can also help you mentally. While stretching, you can focus on the parts of your body that need attention, and in doing so, you are creating a mind-body connection. This can put you in a relaxed mood and even relieve stress. Add stretching to your post-workout routine, and give yourself a mental break.


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